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Welcome to The Delftians

Last updated on 14 July 2016

Your friendly expat meet-ups in Delft

Welcome to the Delftians meet-ups! 

We are a bunch of expats in or around Delft who catch up for informal meet-ups every other Thursday night. We also try to boost side activities like squash, poker, cook-ins, pub quizzes and that sort of stuff. Just come up with your idea and we'll see if it takes off. 
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The vision behind the Delftians meet-ups was to give fellow expats a feeling of home from home here in Delft, and for veterans to help newcomers find their feet with local tips, a bit of support or just plan good company. 

We also have a Facebook page for you to shout out about good restaurants, sell your coffee table or ask about a good dentist. To find out more about the group, check our FAQ section.

How to join Delft's expat club

As long as you're friendly, over 18, and an expat, come join us. Just send an e-mail to with the following basic information about yourself:
  • Your first name and the first letter of last name (you wouldn't believe how many Davids there are out there. It gets confusing)
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Native language
  • The Dutch town you live in
  • How you heard from us
PRIVACY: We won't share your personal details with anyone beyond the admin team without your explicit permission.

Feeling shy?

We've all been there. The idea of meeting a bunch of strangers can be a bit daunting. The thing is, not everyone at the drink is a veteran, so you won't be alone, and the atmosphere is genuinely relaxed and convivial. 
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 If you're not sure what to expect, here's a run-down: 

  • Sometimes there's quite a few of us, and sometimes it's just 4-5 people. 
  • We have a fair few Shell employees, postdocs/PhD's, and European Patent Office people. But it's a pretty eclectic mix, really, with people from all walks of life. 
  • The age range is REALLY broad (mid twenties to over sixties). 
  • The main language is English as we have quite a few Brits and Americans, but all sorts of nationalities come (Greek, Polish, Costa Rican, you name it). 

How to find us

We meet roughly every two weeks, on Thursday evenings from 8.30pm, at the Proeflokaal in Delft (Gasthuislaan 36-38, Delft).

If you're not sure who we are, ask at the bar. It's a tiny pub and we've been going there for years. Grab yourself a beer and come sit down.You never know. You might get to speak your home language, or even make long-lasting friendships.

Your admin team

You've guessed from our website that we're not IT wizzes. This is your admin team. 

Joe Neesan: US: Joe moved to the Netherlands over forty years ago. He used to work for the American Book Center but is now retired. Joe is the host with the most. He organizes events and mingles with the guests at the drinks. 

Laure-Anne Visele, Belgium/UK: Laure-Anne is a zoologist (working with dog behaviour). Laure-Anne originally founded the Delftians, but has taken a backseat in managing the group. Laure-Anne still occasionally hosts the drinks and helps with the odd admin thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intro to this section

Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Contact us on if you have any other question.  

Do you need to live in Delft to join?

No, some members (including myself) do not live in Delft. 

What does the group do?

Anything that will help local expats: share local knowledge, build a social network, practice sports, etc. We are always looking for new activity ideas and volunteers to organize them.

We also have a Facebook page service that you can use if you're looking for a job or apartment, furniture to sell, pet-sitter, etc.

NO SPAMMING or AGGRESSIVELY ADVERTISING your own businesses please.

If you'd like us to promote your business, your entries are welcome in the following sections: expat associations and services and handy Dutch web pages.

Can anyone join?

Yes, as long as you are an expat (i.e. you have experienced the typical expat hurdles: culture shock, having to find your bearings, friends frequently departing, language barrier, etc.) and over 18.

How much does it cost?

There is no joining fee, it's free. You just need to pay for your own consumptions at the bar, and nobody is going to stop you getting a round in!

When are the drinks?

The drinks are every other Thursday, from around 8:30 pm to whenever.

Where are the drinks?

You will receive an invitation a couple of days before the drinks confirming the exact location/time.

Our usual haunts is: 't Proeflokaal - Gasthuislaan, 36 (Delft)

If you can't find us, ask the bar staff for the table of 'The Delftians' expat club, of for Joe or Laure-Anne.

Can I bring someone along?

Feel free to bring someone along for a taster, the more the merrier. But do let us know through our e-invite please so we know what the rough turn-out is on the night. 

Do I need to respond to the invitation even if I don't come?

Well it's always nice if we know in advance whether you can or can't make it. But if you're planning on coming, definitely let us know so you we keep your seat warm (and your beer cold). 

How will I recognize the group's table?

We tell the staff at the bar who we are. We'll likely be the only English-speaking group, and the pub is quite small. If you can't find us, ask the bar staff for The Delftians expat group or for Joe or Laure-anne.

What is the group's gender, nationality, etc. mix

The drinks are a multitude of people from different ages, professions, languages, etc. Here is some stats on the group:

Nationality: At the moment, the majority are Americans and Brits.

Age: The majority of us are in our 30's and 40's, but there is increasing trend toward the 20's, as more and more PhD students decide to join us. We also have a fair few people in their 50's and 60's.

Profession: Lots of TU researchers, IT consultants, and expat partners/home-makers. We have quite a few people from the classic expat employers of the region: EPO, Unilever and Shell.

Town of residence: The greatest majority of us live in Delft. A lot of people come from The Hague and Rotterdam. Some have come from further off, like Gouda, Leiden, Almere, Utrecht, etc.

How many people typically turn up for the drinks?

On average, around 10 people come to the drinks, but this can vary between 5 on a quiet night and 30 on a great day.

What is the point of the group?

To form a close-knit expat community in Delft, so no one feels disconnected or uprooted. To give you a home away from home. It should help if you want to:

- meet new people, some of which you're bound to become friends with
- get answers to local knowledge questions (expat resources, indispensable Dutch websites, etc.)
- dig into our numbers to organize group activities like picnics, murder mystery, squash, etc.
- broadcast messages to the group (for sale, looking for, announcements, questions, etc.)

Essentially, you shouldn't have to walk through Delft feeling like a stranger.

What is the group's language?

It would be handy for you to be fluent in English so you can be an integral part of the conversation, but everyone's welcome. With a bit of luck you'll find another native of your mother tongue anyway.

What about privacy and spamming?

PRIVACY: We do not share any details about you without your explicit permission.
SPAMMING: We do not use your e-mail address for anything other than contacting you about your registration with us or the next drinks. 

How long has The Delftians existed?

The Delftians started on 3 May 2006.

How did the group start?

Laure-Anne's social circle was slow to pick up again after moving from Amsterdam to a Dutch village close to Delft. She was experiencing the usual expat frustrations: local etiquette, language, finding good restaurants, doctors, shops, etc.

I couldn't find expat groups in Delft at the time, so I sent messages to expat mailing lists to see if anybody was interested in setting something up in Delft. 7 people met up for our first drinks on 3 May 2006. We had a great laugh, and it all started from there. The drinks have been going every two weeks since then, and word of mouth took care of the rest. We now have a very tight network of expats in Delft where 'everybody knows your name'. 

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Recommended expat clubs/services/activities


This section contains international activities and associations recommended by our members.

To add an entry (you need to be a member of the Delftians), click on 0 comments below. Enter the name of the expat resource, a description of what it does and their website and/or contact details. Don't forget to mention your name and native country.


Access The Hague

If you need help, support or advice with expat-related issue, that's a great starting point. They have access to a network of professional counsellors, listings of expat-related courses and worshops, a job board, etc.


Delft MaMa: parenthood support for internationals

Delft maternity and motherhood assistance, including pre-natal courses in English. Provide information and support on pregnancy, childbirth and raising children in Delft.


Official site from Delft City in English. Information on administration, tourist attractions, events, city map, accommodation, restaurants, etc.

Main website:

Internationals section:

DOC English story-telling

Story telling workshop for English-speaking children. Organised by American Adele Sanders. Parents to read stories and organise craft activities.

Telephone: +31 (0)15 213 24 68

Address: Kruisstraat 71, 2611ML Delft


ica is THE information source for expats. Very professional presentation and with jobs and housing ads, on-line dating, business directory, info on employment/housing/education/health regulations. The classifieds section is great for bargains on electronics and furniture as us expats tend to have to pack up and leave at the drop of a hat, so aren't always fussed about the price!


Le Forum

Discussion forum for French-speaking expats in The Netherlands (in French). The forum has sections on health, legislation, meet-ups, etc. Really nice, informal atmosphere. Le Forum is a very effective way to locate other native French speakers in your area.

Salsa in
English in Delft
Post date: 19 Sep 2006; Event date: permanent

Salsa Ventura has classes in Delft. The English class is on Tuesday nights.


The Hague on-line

Listings of expat resources The Hague and region, including very complete listing of expat clubs. Also info on tourist attractions in The Hague, with a section for kid-friendly outtings. The Hague On-Line also offers expat-focused classifieds.

Anglo American Theatre Group

Amateur theater group based in The Hague and Wassenaar.


British Society

The oldest English-speaking expat network in The Netherlands. Huge organisation, so regular activities abound (e.g. bridge, movie nights, book clubs, squash, tennis, cooking, yoga, badmington, cricket, golf, sailing, etc.). Mostly concentrated around Amsterdam. You do not need to be British to join.

Delft Photography Group

The Delft Photography Group aims to create an informal, dedicated environment for enthusiastic amateur photographers (digital or film) to hone their skills and to meet up with like-minded people. The group was founded by Donna, a Canadian national. Planned activities include field trips gallery visits, discussions, encouragement and friendly critique (if desired), as well as occasional social outings.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, by way of combining a relaxed social atmosphere with the nitty-gritty of getting out and shooting.


British Society

I.D.E.A. Panto

International Drama Group of English-speaking Associates: amateur theatre group based in Dordrecht (south of Rotterdam).


Legal aliens

Social meet-ups and message board covering The Hague, Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This dynamic group has an array of activities for expats in many city centres in the Ranstad.

Leiden expats

Message-board based group aimed at Leiden-based expats.


Living with a Dutchie

LWAD organises informal, social drinks once a month in each of the following cities:
  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Eindoven
  • Gouda
  • Rotterdam
  • South Limburg
Aimed only at expats who have moved to Holland to live with their Dutch partner. Beware: only the expat half of the couple is invited to the drinks!


Rotterdam people

Message-board based group aimed at Rotterdam-based internationals. Activities include drinks every two weeks in Rotterdam and the possibility to organise your own events.

Canis bonus dog training
Dog training and behaviour therapy in English and French by Laure-Anne Visele, university-trained zoologist. Customer- and dog-friendly, with scientific methods. Serves Delft, The Hague and nearby.

Tonia dog walking
Dog walking in Deflt by Greek- and English-speaker.

Contact: +31 6 47 60 07 44

American Vlaai

Website set up by an American expat in The Netherlands. Full of useful links and resources, and mainly: insightful views and articles on culture shock and how to deal with it.



Expat weblog by Egor Kloos, our very own expat hybrid: half-Dutch half-Irish. He organises events and meet-ups for anybody who wants to see and do more in Rotterdam.


The Holland Ring

An expat the other way round! Blog by a Dutch lady who's moved to the US. The site aims at increasing knowledge of The Netherlands in a really palatable way. It has a really cool 'Did you know' section, recipes for Dutch meals, explanations for traditions, quick summary of country's history, etc.


A scathing account of our Dutch hosts' less endearing habits. Warning: quite a bit of swearing. You might want to re-read our top 100 things about NL to cheer yourself up after this one. Not a It's got quite a negative slant, but most observations were uncannily familiar to me. Brace yourselves: This blog joins the ranks of the NOT AT ALL happy customers, and it will revive your urges to educate a whole nation on the basic principles of service. Not for the fans of positive thinking.

Something to say about life in The Netherlands

The hilarious and touching saga of an American couple in the low lands.

Breathing and the Buteyko method

Explore your own breathing for a different approach to regaining health. Courses and lectures are held in a fitness centre near Voorburg (outskirts of The Hague). The lectures are given in English by a fellow expat.

Address: Buteyko Practice, P.o. Box 1040, 2260 BA Leidschendam

Recommended Dutch websites


Essential Dutch websites. The websites every local knows and making your life soooo much easier.

Flags indicate whether the site is in Dutch and/or English.

Recommend websites by clicking on '0 comments' below and indicating the following information:

  • Website name
  • Language: e.g. Available in Dutch, English, French, etc.
  • What it's about:
  • Why you like it:
  • Internet address:
  • Review author: Your first name, Your native country


Alternative Arts Productions AAPA

Written in Dutch and English. Non-profit on-line group for people interested in alternative art. Includes independent reviews of alternative works in music, cinema and photography. The group is used as a launchpad to art initiatives. The idea is to help creative projects through collaboration and promotion and reviews.

Dictionary (Dutch-English-Dutch): Travlang

On-line Dutch-English (and English-Dutch) dictionary. Invaluable if you have, like me, struggled to find that fast, free, on-line, single-term translation service.

Creches and day care listing: Kiddo

(in Dutch) Listings of daycare centres and creches organised per town.

(Lucie, )

Estate sales/rentals: Funda

(in Dutch) Listings of estate for sale or rent. Really complete, clear information on estate on offer. Very complete search criteria can be entered, searches can be saved. Funda is one of the standard advertising platforms for estate agents, so a great central place to look for estate in The Netherlands.

(Oscar, )

Kids outings: Uit met kinderen

(in Dutch) Lists recommended days-out with the kids in The Netherlands. Very user-friendly searches (click on a map of Holland to zoom to your region only) and very large selection of activities are promoted. You can also recommend activities on the site yourself.

(Dawn, )

Movies timetables: Belbios and

(in Dutch) Belbios: Listings of movies showing at all movie houses and cinemas in Holland. Very flexible search criteria, complete information and good user interface.

(Laure-Anne, )

(in Dutch) You could also try for really complete movie summaries, etc.

(Oscar, )


(in Dutch) Very complete on-line information resource for anything to do with owning a pet in the Netherlands. It has a sections on pensions, local vets, animals up for adoption, etc. It also has links to scientific research on animal welfare, animal protection organisations, animal-related attractions (e.g. zoos and safaries) in The Netherlands, etc.

(Laure-Anne, )

On-line market (sim. to e-Bay): Marktplaats

(in Dutch) Buy or sell anything from second-hand sofas to musical instruments. Bit like a local Dutch version of e-Bay.

(Laure-Anne, )

Public transport travel planner: 9292

(in Dutch) Public transport routes and timetables. User-friendly interfaces, and very complete information.

(Laure-Anne, )

Restaurant reviews: IENS

(also in English) Very complete reviews, contact details and price listings for all participating restaurants in Holland. Very advanced search criteria are possible. User-friendly interface.

(Laura, )

Traffic information: traffic net

(in Dutch) Graphic display of routes in The Netherlands (red = very busy, etc.). Very regularly updated.

(Laure-Anne, )

Vegetarian in Netherlands: Vegatopia

(only in Dutch) Resource page for veggies in The Netherlands. Shows recipes, restaurants!, a forum, news, etc. All veggie-oriented.

(Laure-Anne, )

Weather forecast

(in English) 3-day weather forecast for Amsterdam.

(Laure-Anne, )

Yellow Pages

(in English too) Yellow pages for shops and businesses in The Netherlands. Link below for English version.


(Laure-Anne, )